Your Hope
Really need someone to talk to…I need a really good friend who will be there for me no matter what…

Please add me on skype if you can be a friend to me…please…  mv.tandan

Hello my Followers

I’m sorry I haven’t been on in forever, I have been so busy with work and school, I am trying to help you all, I want to just be someone to talk to, so please don’t be afraid to contact me, I am always willing to talk, I’m here for all of you! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I’m so thankful to be alive today and to try to help those in need, although I’ve had a tough life so far, I’m still thankful for so many things in my life
Okay, I'll try. Thank you so much, it sounds as though my troubles are nothing compared to yours, but still it's good to know I'm not alone.

We aren’t ones to say if our problems are worse than someone elses…everyone has their own fights, everyone has their ups and downs, everyone’s fighting…good luck to you, don’t be afraid to come back to me for anything, although I probably won’t know you since you’re anon :p

Thank you so much for the response (I'm the one who's been depressed for a few years and is suicidal). I know it probably seems weird for me to thank you just for responding, but honestly that means so much to me. And I found your words really motivating and inspiring. But how much longer do I have to wait? That's what I'm worried about. What if it never gets better? I'm not carrying on for my sake or for my future, it's all for everyone else and they don't even know or appreciate it.

YOU have to want it for YOU, I understand you want to help others, but first hep yourself, I know it seems kind of  harsh, but trust me, there’s more to life than pain and suffering, I’ve been abused and hurt and harassed since I could talk, yet I’m still here today, I can’t say how long it will be for you, but just don’t lose your hope for something that is possible.

I feel like I'm going insane. Actually going crazy. Each day is like a dream that I can't wake up from. Nothing seems real anymore. I can't find anything to snap me out of it or make me happy. I have an extreme fear. Over nothing. Nothing sparks this fear. I just always have it. I don't feel like killing myself, nor do I want too. And I won't. But I feel like I'm dying. Or that it's my time to die. There's part of my situation.

please don’t give up, I know it’s hard to move on, but if you do, you will not regret it….yeah maybe at times you will, but after a while, things will get better if you’re willing to work towards a future that you want, then I know you can do it

Im confused. What do i do? The thoughts of suicide are always lurking in my head. Ive thought about this for a while and I do not know what to do..

don’t give up, just don’t, please…there’s always hope out there..don’t forget that you’re not alone, and someone does care, I don’t know your name, I don’t know who you are at all, but all life is precious…you’re amazing in your own ways, just don’t give up

I've been struggling for about 2/3 years now. I've had extreme suicidal thoughts the whole time, but recently these thoughts are becoming closer to actions, and I've also started self harming. I don't trust myself anymore, and I'm scared. I used to be so much stronger than this. I fought these temptations for so long, and now I'm slowly giving up. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to just let this out. I know you can't offer a solution, but this is enough. I admire what you're doing.

you’re welcome, and here’s the thing…a year ago, I would be in your shoes, I have had depression for about 3 or 4 years now, I’ve self harmed and 3 years ago, I almost killed myself, I had a note written and everything, but somehow, I fought through it, knowing that I could have the future that IIII wanted, not what others thought or pushed me towards, I took the abuse, I took the harassment, I took all of that, just so I could get the future that I want, now I’m in college and loving my life, all because I knew that if I just kept pushing, I could get what IIII wanted

Please message me if you’re feeling lost or confused or just need a good friend who will listen, you’re not alone!
Thanks, but I was actually wondering if you think I need therapy, for depression (does it come and go, but generally stay) and DPD? Or if it's possible/effective to overcome on my own.

Some need therapy while others seem to do ok without it…I did not get therapy and I feel like the therapy would have actually been bad for me, but for my girlfriend, she needed it and it helped her a lot

I've been generally sad for about 2 years. But I'm not sure if it could be considered depression? I've thought about suicide maybe 3 times in those 2 years, but just the beginning of this year realized that I don't want to kill myself, I just want to not live with my problems. Just last week I was thinking, and honestly couldn't remember the last time I was geniunely happy. I also think I might have a form of Dependent Personality Disorder, but not every symptom. Do you think I need therapy?

Here’s the thing, this goes to everyone, not just you, it is normal to have thoughts of suicide…many people have had these thoughts and you are not alone, I am one of these people that have had those thoughts yet now I am working to gaining the future that I want, never lose hope.  If you want to come off anon, we can talk more personally if you want

Don’t give up hope, you’re not alone…feel free to message me if you’re feeling lost or alone…if you just need a friend to talk to…I’m open to talking to any of you
I want to help all of you who feel alone, lost, confused, or scared…I can’t promise to make everything better, but I can atleast try to give you hope for a better future
Please don’t feel alone…

If you feel alone, scared, confused, or hurt…please come to me, I want to help anyone and everyone I can…I can’t promise you I will make everything better, all I can do is help to give you hope and maybe find the source to your problem.  So please feel free to message me if you ever need anything, don’t be shy, I’m here to help :)

There’s still hope in the world, you just have to find it.

There’s still hope in the world, you just have to find it.